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PAT - protection of inventions and design
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A good idea is always the best investment. As to the success in an economic competition, the main assumption resides in a positive difference of the respective competitor with respect to other competitors - in other words: the information advance is also the source of the competition advance. The mentioned advance and advantages resulting from it last for such a long time, till the competitor has at his own exclusive disposal certain information protected against other competitors. Such a protection is realized either by means of a formal protection, e.g. patent one, or by means of a factual protection _of certain economic information, generally named "business secret".

Both in the sphere of research and in the sphere of production there arise many technical solutions which, due to their uniqueness, are worth to be protected in such a way, that they may intensify the position of their owner on the market. In this way, protected solutions become goods and the owner acquires the exclusive right to dispose of those goods. Without the owneris approval, nobody can utilize said goods in the territory where such a protection is valid.

There are distinguished three basic kinds of the industrial legal protection:

  • invention - a technical solution protectable by means of a utility model or patent
  • design of the product protactable by means of an industrial design

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