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TM Trade mark searches
  to find out the legal situation of certain designation, i.e. whether it is or it is not registered, to verify whether it is registrable with respect to the existence of trade marks with an older priority date, to find out the trade mark activity of the certain firm, to verify whether and in what extent it breaks rights of third persons, and the like.

TM Patent searches and model ones
  Name searches: for the search there is decisive the name of the originator, applicant or owner of the patent or model. There are found protective rights of a certain person - legal or natural one. With respect to the purpose to which the search is to serve, there comes in question a search concerning the situation of patent rights, validity, analogous protection, legal title or transfer of rights, patent activity and the like.

Factual searches: the search inquiry is defined with respect to the thematic or factual standpoint, i.e. it concerns the proper subject matter of the subject of technology, e.g. its function, chemical composition, manufacturing process, design, etc. With respect to the purpose of the search it concerns searches to the state of art, novelty, patent unobjectionability, legality of granting.


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